Body Care Professional

A line of exceptional body care products that comprehensively look after the skin. What does this mean? By using one cosmetic you can take care of multiple skin needs at the same time! The unique BODY Care formulas pamper the entire body with the same meticulous care as our facial lines! Multi-level hydration, maximum effective concentrations of active ingredients, now also available for the entire body!

Feel the power of the synergy of active ingredients and choose formulas developed by professionals!


Body Care Professional

Did you know...
Each BODY Care product performs more than one treatment task. The body lotion moisturises the skin while reducing perifollicular keratosis; the butter nourishes and counteracts itching; and the anti-cellulite emulsion improves skin firmness.

Active ingredients:
- xymenoic acid
- azeloglycine
- lactobionic acid
- peptides
- trehalose
- and many more!

- Strong, immediate and long-lasting moisturising of the skin
- reduction of the symptoms of perifollicular keratosis
-reduction in the appearance of cellulite
- prevention of the feeling of itching in dehydrated skin