The products in the Anti-Dry line contain highly active substances with strong moisturising properties, including: ectoin, cholesterol esters, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and urea. Thanks to the combination of high concentrations of moisturising ingredients, they strengthen and regenerate dry and dehydrated skin, reduce irritation, smooth wrinkles and sagging resulting from low hydration levels.


anti dry

- visible and long-lasting hydration of the skin,
- soothed irritation caused by dehydration,
- nourishment and regeneration of the skin,
- improvement of elasticity,
- reduction of wrinkles caused by dehydration,
- repaired barrier function of the skin's natural hydrolipidic layer.

anti dry

Indications for use:
- dry and very dry complexions,
- any skin type struggling with temporary
and/or long-term dehydration,
- for use at all ages.

anti dry

Ectoin is one of the most beneficial moisturisers. It protects cell membranes and DNA from harmful environmental impact, damage, free radicals, while intensively moisturising and regenerating. (...) It strengthens and regenerates dry and dehydrated skin, providing it with radiance and elasticity.

Medical consultant of the line Prof. Magdalena Ciupińska, MD