With products in over 3,000 salons and spas internationally, BANDI products are now available in Spain.

BANDI, the well-established professional brand with more than 35 years of experience, is happy to serve your skin with quality skin care products that focused on personalization.

Bandi Professional commitment to “first, do no harm” is deeply rooted in an understanding of our business as a responsibility. We create only safe products for people who value high effectiveness and reasonable price. Our mission is to empower women by making them feel more beautiful and safe, at any age.

Our experts of in-house R&D and Quality Control departments are constantly improving formulas for them to be the safest and the most effective possible.

No declarations without hard evidence: we conduct tests in our own laboratory but we also outsource research services from independent third party researchers.

We are fully committed to developing products which are 100% cruelty-free and 100% free from GMO. We utilize ingredients only from verified, fair trade suppliers while maintaining recyclable packaging.


What is special about BANDI products?

  1. Innovative formulations of home care products elaborated by experts in creating products for professional use.
  2. Concentrated powerful ingredients yet gentle for skin.
  3. A comprehensive collection enabling creating a routine suiting individual skin needs.